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    “All I Need is a chance” I am not a hireling for my spouseBecause I am the pillar of my house,                                                                        I can swing a sword as well as any sinner I will put my blood, sweat and tears To shield my people, I am pulling myself here not because of Dowry,Rather byContinue reading “PICTORIAL POEM”
  • Seclusion your best medicine
    FALL IN ME Rather than being a citizen,I am a ReticentI hold the theme “Love yourself”Get your medicine,From your seclusion,With nature by de-stress,Want a great sense of pleasure ??Want a less sense of void ??Then enjoy it through your desolationRather from socializationWho can bring you peace and joy?None than you Like an owl I restContinue reading “Seclusion your best medicine”
  • First thought through feelings by prayer
    FAITH  In the middle of the road  Went away with cloud Know not what to do For the Lord , He  called me Loud   And Said , ” You are my child “ I rushed to the Gleam  Couldn’t find him  Sought for him  For the Lord told me  “I am in you”, Showered withContinue reading “First thought through feelings by prayer”
    “Baby wake up !!!!, You still have piles of work ….” Said my Angel 😇 and I blinked my eyes after going into a deep dive of my thought 💭 ocean 🌊 . Then I replied to my ANGEL,” Please wait , I still have stacks of homework 😭😭😭😭 ” by affected tears She thenContinue reading “TO BE READ —SHORT STORY”
  • A word of satisfaction
  • Love the view
    A beautiful view 💜💜
  • A communication with Nature ❤️
    I am here Where no one loves to visit me,No person will be happy to see MeAnd none fails to come to me ,I am the symbol of dark ,Waits for you here,Grim reaper notes you all,He guards me ,But I am resilient,You can seek perpetual peace only when you find me,No richest man canContinue reading “NICTOPHILE🌆🌆”
    BLENDED SOULMATE .❤️❤️ With you and me Like a blazeful smile, Every trouble faded When you came into my life, Your soul is my confidence, Your presence is my Life My fabrication is enhanced, As I dream everyday, About your existence!! Even your imaginary presence Pierces my heart ❤️ And so creates Butterfly effect PursuingContinue reading “BLENDED SOULMATE 💜”
  • A short story -DEEPIKA S
    BETTER HOPE FOR BETTER LIFE (this is my beautiful memory and experience in my life) A long time dream came true . Wanna know? Yes, let’s go into the story. Do you want to know why I said this statement ” A long time dream came true ” ? The reason is that we areContinue reading “A short story -DEEPIKA S”